October 26, 2007

Fixkes: Fixkes

Fixkes is an acoustic, down-tempo band from Stabroek, Belgium. They sing in their own Antwerp dialect, writing songs about being 30-something and nowhere to go. The vocals sound like the singer is sitting next to you, delivering his stories in a stage whisper. If you can't understand Flemish, focus on the flow of the words and the great rhythms they come up with.

Sam Valkenborgh: vocals guitar
Peter Deckers: guitar, harp
Johan Pauwels: bass
Jan Valkenborgh: drums
Bart Palmers: piano
Joris Van den Broeck: percussion


Their self-titled debut album Fixkes is released on Excelsior Recordings, a Dutch label run by people with great taste. Release date: October 29.

Tour dates:

  • 10/31 De Mol, Lier
  • 11/02 Het Bolwerk*, Vilvoorde
  • 11/03 De Warande*, Turnhout
  • 11/09 Muziekodroom*, Hasselt
  • 11/18 Magdalenazaal#, Brugge
  • 11/22 Het Depot*, Leuven
  • 11/29 Handelsbeurs*, Gent
  • 12/01 Ter Dilft*, Bornem
  • 12/15 De Posthoorn*, Hamont-Achel
  • 12/16 Ancienne Belgique*, Brussel
  • 12/20 Mezz, Breda
  • 12/21 CC Lokeren*, Lokeren
  • 12/22 De Roma*, Antwerpen

* w/ Fait d’Anvers
# w/ Gesman

MP3: Fixkes - Pistoleke

» fixkes.be
» myspace.com/stabroek

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