October 08, 2007

Ethan Lipton + his Orchestra: Mr. Softy

Some music makes you go "wow". That's pretty rare. Mr. Softy by Ethan Lipton + his Orchestra is an album which takes you back to a few decades to the cabaret age, when singers spoke their mind. All songs sound sweet, but the contents bite.

Ethan Lipton + his Orchestra: Mr. Softy

Band leader Ethan Lipton is obviously enjoying himself immensely and so is his band. If you own a speakeasy or a night club in the greater area of New York, book them.

Tell it like it is, Ethan. All together now:

Your lover is a fucker
your lover is a drunk
he's no one's favorite person not even his own mother's
but that does not excuse him for making us all suffer
your lover is a fucker
and the fucker must be gone

Ethan Lipton: lead vocals
Eben Levy: guitar, percussion, synthesizer, vocals
Ian M. Riggs: bass. vocals
Vito Dieterle: saxophones, flute, hand claps, vocals

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