October 07, 2007

"Awesome": Telephone

Seven suits from Seattle calling themselves "Awesome". Yes, they got a nerve. Their 2nd album Beehive Sessions is rumoured to be a celebration of pop, soul, jazz and all that. The band members play dozens of instruments and they all sing too. They write Beatles-que tunes with a big band dressing. More about them soon on HCTF.

Telephone is an upbeat pop song about the neurotic moments just before picking up the phone. Featuring a guitar/piano foundation, blue-eyed soulful vocals, and a breezy horn break, Telephone is a melodic snapshot of a tiny but awkward personal dilemma.

Curious? Listen and find out. Toll free of course:

MP3: "Awesome" - Telephone

» awesometheband.com
» myspace.com/awesometheband

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