October 08, 2007

Bloodshot Revival

Five guys from New York. A demo with three tracks. All for free at their website. Bloodshot Revival is a garage rock band with some nice hooks and original lyrics. Songwriter Jubal Holland explains:

For King of the Casios I was dealing with perceptions of reality/history vs actual occurances and what really happed in time. Most people in America much less the rest of the world don't have 6 figure incomes ride around in luxury sedans and get stressed out about the exact temperature of their starbucks coffee. I kept envisioning beat up played out keyboards nobody wanted anymore...

Bloodshot Revival:
Jubal Holland: vocals, guitar
Peter Pazdrowski: guitar
Carlos Ortega: drums
Suryo Wibhisono: bass
Ian Diaz: synthesizer, vocals

If you like bands like The Libertines and The Buzzcocks, check them out.

» myspace.com/bloodshotrevival

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