October 09, 2007

Arrested Development: Since The Last Time

Arrested Development: Since The Last Time

About 15 years ago Arrested Development were hip-hop pioneers with defiant lyrics of hope. Mind you, they were still angry and singing about the wrongs in American cities. A noble cause. They sold millions of records and then they broke up. And now they are back with a new album called Since The Last Time. They are plugging a new kind of music: Life Music. Huh? This blurb may be helpful:

A new revolution has been born from compelling stories told to a joyful beat and a style, a groove, and a consciousness that continues expanding from a ground zero explosion to include all children, their parents, their grandparents and everyone of all races, cultures and beliefs into one pulsing celebration of life, something the AD family (you’re included in that just by wanting to be) call Life Music. It’s as if sound had received a transfusion of new blood and came pounding forth with a heart of flesh.

Yeah, right. Then why I am bored beyond belief after hearing this album? It's a 19 piece group for fuck's sake. So why does no one come up with a musical idea that manages to stay inside my head for, let's say, ten seconds? They had twelve years to come up with something something worthwhile and they have failed big time.

Since The Last Time is released on Vagabond Records & Tapes. Release date: October 30.

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