September 03, 2007

Red Collar: The Hands Up EP

Punk equals dumb if we are talking about the music, right? Basic chords, brain dead rhythms. Wrong. Red Collar is a quintet from Durham, NC, who have just put out an EP called Hands Up. They know how to turn around the beat. It's raw, it's powerful and it's smart. If you are tired of Green Day and such, Red Collar is your ticket to advanced DIY punk music.

Red Collar:
Jason Kutchma: guitar and vocals
Mike Jackson: guitar and vocals
Andrew Blass: keys and vocals
Beth Kutchma: bass and vocals
Tim O'Toole: drums

Red Collar: The Hands Up EP

The Hands Up EP is released on Power Team Records.

  1. Hands Up
  2. Witching Hour
  3. Stay
  4. Used Guitars
  5. Hands Up (Radio Edit)


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