July 31, 2007

Levellers: Chaos Theory

The Levellers are the greatest DIY UK folk band to make it big in the nineties. Their live shows are still raging, the fans still adore them (often the childeren of the first generation afficionados). A 2 disc live DVD set seemed like a good idea. Chaos Theory captures a live performance filmed at the Hexagon in Reading, March 31, 2006 in 5.1 surround, and a disc filled with extras: the 1993 documentary Part Time Punks, selections from an acoustic set filmed in 2004 and the band tearing through The Clash repertoire with Billy Bragg at their own Beautiful Days festival.

Levellers: Chaos Theory

The band has been on the road since 1988 and that's where they come alive. The 2006 Reading concert takes a bit of time to take off. The Levellers seem to feel the presence of the cameras at first, but by the time they play their greatest anthems One Way and the Liberty Song they are jumping up and down like in the good old days.

So, should you buy Chaos Theory? If you decide to pick it up, hit the merchandising stand after the show. It is released on their own On The Fiddle imprint and with the sound of the concert still ringing in your ears, it makes a nice souvenir.

Tour dates:
  • 08/04 Lierop, Nirwana's Tuinfeest, The Netherlands
  • 09/01 Utrecht, deBeschaving, The Netherlands
  • 09/02 Opmeer, Zomerpop, The Netherlands
  • 09/15 Puur, Pukemarock, Belgium
  • 09/16 Breda, Breda Barst, The Netherlands
  • 09/22 Malmo, Festival, Sweden
  • 09/24 Tonder, Festival, Denmark
  • 09/25 Burgrock, Germany
  • 10/03 Tongeren, De Velinx, Belgium
  • 10/04 Liffinge, De Zwerver, Belgium
  • 10/05 Roeselare, De Spil, Belgium
  • 10/06 St.Niklaas, CC, Belgium
  • 10/07 Aalst, De Werf, Belgium
  • 11/17 Wien, Szene, Austria
  • 11/19 Pratteln, Z7, Switzerland
  • 11/21 Rotterdam, Waterfront, The Netherlands
  • 11/22 Breda, Mezz, The Netherlands
  • 11/23 Haarlem, Patronaat, The Netherlands
  • 11/24 Zwolle, Hedon, The Netherlands

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