July 29, 2007

Brandon Pfeiffer: Nothing Short of Now

Can six tracks convince a cynic music blogger? Brandon Pfeiffer takes a change and, well, he makes the cut. Nothing Short of Now is a nice collection of indie pop songs that won't sell like hot cakes, but it makes a nice addition to that huge stack of singer/songwriters CDs that you carry around to impress your less-in-the know friends. Listen to this, you say, and they will. After all -- if you dig it, they will have too, or be uncool forever.

Nothing Short of Now is released on Little America Records.

  1. Woven Wood
  2. Missing You
  3. Get Inspired
  4. Out to See
  5. Be the First to Die
  6. Wearing Me Out

» myspace.com/brandonpfeiffer

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