June 01, 2007

Live Jambands in Holland #75: My Morning Jacket Amsterdam 2001-05-30

Episode 75 in the podcasts section Live Jambands in Holland: a Dutch radio session by My Morning Jacket. Note: DJ intro and interview not included.

Live Jambands in Holland #75:
My Morning Jacket
VPRO Studio Amstelradio (session for "Club Lek")
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2001-05-30 (click to download)
Running time: 25:09 -- 128 kbit
Source: VPRO Radio 3FM broadcast > Tape
Lineage: Tape > PC WAV > CD-R > EAC > FLAC level 8
Taper: Magnix
Transfered by: Magnix

  1. The Way That He Sings
  2. Just Because I Do
  3. Xmas Curtain
  4. Picture Of You
  5. Bermuda Highway (Jim James solo)
  6. DJ Outro

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Download this show in lossless format from the Live Music Archive.

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