June 29, 2007

Laurie Anderson: Big Science (reissue)

Big Science is a classic. When this Laurie Anderson album was first released in 1982 people were lost for words in trying to describe its contents. A year before that the single O Superman was a surprise hit in the UK, reaching number #2 in the charts. There had been electronic music in the charts before, most notably German pioneers Kraftwerk, but Laurie Anderson was the first avant-garde artist to become a success outside the art world. People bought in droves.

Laurie Anderson: Big Science

And now there is a 25th anniversary reissue, with one bonus track (Walk the Dog) and the video of O Superman. The latter is a static affair, and you will watch it just once because it's there. The album itself has aged quite well. Sure, all the computerized vocal effects are old school now, but it cool enough to impress you friends (and to get rid of those who only claim to be into left field music). It's minimalistic approach leaves plenty of space for the listener to create his own story. Big Science is a deranged novel set to music. There are good guys, there are bad guys. And if you don't like, well, her current boyfriend would most likely advise you to go fuck yourself.

Big Science is released on Nonesuch Records. Release date: July 17.

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