April 30, 2007

Frank Zappa: "A Pioneer Of The Future Of Music" part #02 torrent

Part #02 of the Frank Scheffers documentary A Pioneer Of The Future Of Music about Frank Zappa has been saved to disc, authored to DVD and shared through the Zappateers.

VPRO Dutch TV Broadcast
PAL 720 * 576, 25 fps, MPEG2 7000 kbps VBR; Dolby Digital (AC-3) 192 kbps
Total running time 53:25.

Part of what’s on here is seen before, particularly in Roelof Kier’s 1971 documentary and/or Scheffer’s own documentary “A present day composer refuses to die”. A large part of it is new stuff though (to me anyway), particularly interviews with Napoleon, Bozzio and Steve Vai; footage from Zappa plays Zappa; the Teheran Symphony.
From digital cable receiver, analog out to Hard disc recorder (Kiss DP558) recorded in MPEG2 best quality, over local network uploaded to computer, clipped and converted VOB to MPEG2 in VIDEOREDO, transferred to DV in Studio 9, recoded to MPEG2 in TMPEGenc masking 6 toplines to get rid of noise along the edge, authored in TMPEGauthor and replaced MPG layer 1 sound track with the AC-3 soundtrack (as was recorded on the Kiss DP558).

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