February 08, 2007

Orange Is In: Another Lame Semi-Tragedy

Houston, we have a problem. There is a band in your city that demands your attention, and they are not getting it, not enough that is. Orange Is In released an album with a cool name last year - Another Lame Semi-Tragedy. They explore the niches of Americana and roots rock and have created an in-your-face sound. Well produced stuff on a shoe-string budget. You can stream all tracks form their website. If you dig bands like Wilco, check them out. There are five in Orange Is In - the basic vocals, guitar, bass, drums set up with a bonus - the girl with the violin.

Orange Is In is:
George Kovacik - Vocals
Jeff Balke - Bass
Chris Rogers - Guitar
Steve Salazar - Drums
Amy Price - Violin, Vocals

Buy Another Lame Semi-Tragedy (OutboundMusic).

» orangeisin.com
» myspace.com/orangeisin

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