February 08, 2007

The Velvet Underground: Norman Dolph acetate MP3s

The Velvet Underground acetate for free in MP3 format:

I think you must have heard the news by now on how this record came into the hands of one lucky Warren Hill, who bought this highly rare acetate of the legendary Velvets debut 'banana' record for just a couple of cents at a yard sale.
Well, what you have here are unheard takes & mixes of songs taken from that album, with different sounding guitar lines or vocal parts. VU fans will find this a revelatory listen, while those who don't really know what's goin' on will probably not understand the true value of this recording.
Ever since some kind soul managed to spread this via the net, fans can now hear this without burning a hole thru their pockets. A repost of sorts, this version I have here is actually cleaned-up with much of the hiss removed. Do know that the original acetate is in a pretty bad shape so don't expect any audiophile-kinda sound quality...

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(Thanks: Willy Grigg)

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