January 27, 2007

Dearborn: Always In Disguise

Dearborn is a rocking quartet from Chicago. Being on the road a lot has turned them in a tight sounding unit. They are on the brink of releasing their second album Always In Disguise which, hopefully, will take them to the next level: headlining at the venues they played as a supporting band, and good old fame and fortune. Recorded in Chicago with Larry Sturm (Naked Raygun, Disturbed, Prince) producing, they swing a mean punch - the title track with sirens screaming is aimed at that braindead guy in the White House (nice touch adding a few Dubya quotes). Dearborn are into power rock and they sound heavy enough to live up to it.

Always In Disguise is a pretty good album in its own right, but they could spice things up every now and then. Take more risks. Radio friendly tunes will get you on the radio, but you need to develop your sound a bit to make you stand out amongst the plethora of rock quartets struggling to get attention. A few tracks on the proposed ten tracks for the new album are good enough for a B-side (U-Turn, Boy Next Door, Under The Sun), but they sound pale after when compaired to the kick ass monsters like I Need Answers and Gotta Get Out.

Their ticket to the next level could be New Life, a great song with funky hooks that surely will turn into a live favorite if they dare to stretch out. I for one would love to hear guitar player Mike Poupko driving off the beaten track and heading for the dirt roads.

Dearborn is:
Pino Farina: lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Jonathon Schiller: drums, vocals
Mike Poupko: lead guitar
John Cwiok: bass

Dearborn are on Sideways 8 Records.

» dearbornband.com
» myspace.com/dearbornmusic

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