December 15, 2006

Live Jambands in Holland #62: The Drams Weert 2006-11-17 (part#02)

Episode 62 in the podcasts section Live Jambands in Holland:

Live Jambands in Holland #62:
The Drams
Bosuil, Weert, The Netherlands
2006-11-17 (part#02) (click to download)
Running time: 61:56 -- 128 kbit
Tapers: Jan de Bever & Michiel Oudendijk
Transferrers: Hans Eikelenboom, Michiel Oudendijk & Jan de Bever

  1. Billy Pritchard
  2. Burned (Neil Young)
  3. Blue Eyes (Gram Parsons and the International Submarine Band)
  4. Trust Jesus
  5. Des Moines
  6. The Shape I'm In (The Band)
  7. I Can Tell Your Love Is Waning
  8. Make A Book
  9. -crowd-
  10. To Love Somebody (Bee Gees)
  11. I Am The Cosmos (Neil Young/ Buffalo Springfield)
  12. -crowd-
  13. Dunk You In The River
  14. Robert Cole

More about the The Drams:

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