November 23, 2006

Jimi Hendrix: photo exhibition in Rotterdam

An exhibition of Jimi Hendrix photos in Rotterdam. V!P's International Art Galleries presents Jimi Hendrix: Can You See Me? A Life Through The Lens.

Lots of rare photos and more familiar ones shot by Jim Marshall, Baron Wolman, Elliott Landy, Ethan Russell, Dominique Tarlé, Eddie Kramer, Gered Mankowitz, David Montgomery, Rob Bosboom, Jerry Schatzberg, Eddie Caraeff, Bruce Fleming, Karl Ferris, Dezo Hoffman, Barry Levine, Magnus, Barry Peake, David Redfern and Herb Schmitz.

Note for Dutch readers: Rob Bosboom made the pics of Hendrix' show in Rotterdam. Jimi played the Hippy Happy Beurs voor Twieners - 1967/11/10.

The exhibition opens November 30 at 19:00 with Gered Mankowitz, David Redfern, Dominique Tarlé and Eddie Kramer in attendance.

V!P's International Art Galleries
Westelijk Handelsterrein
Van Vollenhovenstraat 15
3016 BE Rotterdam
The Netherlands
phone: 00 31 10 2251120


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