October 16, 2006

Patti Smith at CBGB: the 2006/10/15 setlist

The setlist of the last ever gig at CBGB's, NYC - October 15, 2006. Patti Smith put on a great show:

  1. Piss Factory
  2. Hunter Gets Captured by the Game (Smokey Robinson/The Marvelettes)
  3. Kimberly/The Tide is High (Blondie)
  4. Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground)
  5. Marquee Moon (Television)
  6. We Three
  7. Distant Fingers
  8. Without Chains(?) (new song about Guantanamo)
  9. Ghost Dance
  10. Birdland
  11. Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys)
  12. Redondo Beach
  13. Free Money
  14. Pissing in a River
  15. Gimme Shelter (Stones)
  16. Space Monkey
  17. Blitzkrieg Bop/Beat on the Brat/Rock and Roll Radio/Sheena is a Punk Rocker (Ramones)
  18. Ain't it Strange
  19. So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star
  20. Babelogue/Rock and Roll Nigger (with a little bit of Little Johnny Jewel thrown in)
  21. For Your Love (Yardbirds)
  22. My Generation (The Who)
  23. Land
  24. Gloria
  25. Elegie

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