August 11, 2006

Les Claypool: the art of falling

Les Claypool

Les Claypool is, as you all know, a busy bassist in quite a few bands. He also writes books, directs a movie, releases a solo album and still finds the time to get on the phone to be interviewed at length by Dennis Cook for

Obviously, I play in bands completely defined by the individuals. Primus is these three guys. Oysterhead is those three guys. The notion of having a solo project means that if Skerik's not available, then he's not available. If I have these dates, this section of time set aside, because I'm such a busy bastard, to go on the road, I'm going to have to work with whoever's available. I'd love it to be Skerik. I'd love it to be Mike and Gabby. It helps my life logistically, and whoever happens to be there is there.

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