August 11, 2006

For Those Who Know: free EP

A singer who whispers, the drummer laying down a solid backbeat, guitars with lots of echo and a bit of feedback and a bass that hold it all together. Sounds familiar if you are into the alternative scene in the eighties. Austin, Texas based For Those Who Know took the ball from predecessors like Echo and the Bunnymen, and the mellower sound of the latter day Jesus and the Mary Chain. Oh, and there is a touch of Radiohead in their songs too -- listen to Word Have Rhythm with a distinct UK Indie feel. They released an EP last year. You can download all seven tracks for free at their website.

MP3: Competition
MP3: Night at the Danceclub
MP3: Monday
MP3: Hello
MP3: Perfect
MP3: Grow Old Together and Die
MP3: Words Have Rhythm


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