June 30, 2006

Live Jambands in Holland #43: My Morning Jacket Amsterdam 2002-11-08 part#02

Episode 43 in the podcasts section Live Jambands in Holland:

Live Jambands in Holland #43:
My Morning Jacket
Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2002-11-08 part#02 (click to download)
Running time: 56:19 -- 128 kbit
Taped by: Jan de Bever & Michiel Oudendijk
Transfered by: Michiel Oudendijk

  1. By My Car (Feedback)
  2. By My Car (Good version)
  3. Evelyn Is Not Real
  4. The Bear
  5. One Big Holiday
  6. Phone Went West
  7. Steam Engine
  8. Bermuda Highway
  9. O Is The One That Is Real
  10. Black Sabbath (1st half)***Cut***
  11. Black Sabbath (2nd half)

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