May 18, 2006

Particle: live album and live DVD

Particle hits the stores in July with a brand new live DVD and live 2CD.

On July 18, Particle's Debut DVD and Double Live CD will be released nationwide via Shout! Factory. The DVD was filmed at the Henry Fonda Theater on February 24 and captures the band's first show with the new lineup and the addition of vocals into the group. Particle will also release a double live CD entitled Transformations: Live For The People which was recorded in Los Angeles at The Henry Fonda as well as San Francisco's Great American Music Hall. Both titles feature special guests Blackalicious, Joe Satriani, DJ Logic, and Robby Krieger. The DVD includes tons of extras including a collaborations featurette with 'Simulator' and a Transformations featurette with 'Triple Threat'.
DVD Track Listing:
  1. Prelude
  2. Give
  3. 7 Minutes Till Radio Darkness
  4. Below Radar
  5. LA Woman (w/ Robby Krieger)
  6. Eye of The Storm
  7. Set Break
  8. Particle People (w/ Blackalicious)
  9. E-Pro (w/ Blackalicious)
  10. W (w/ Joe Satriani & DJ Logic)
  11. Sun Mar 11
  12. Thanks
  13. Lucky Man
  14. Superstition (w/ Satriani, Krieger, DJ Logic, Blackalicious, Lucent Dossier)

CD Track Listing:

Disc One:
  1. Particle People (w/ Blackalicious)(Henry Fonda)
  2. E Pro (w/ Blackalicious)(Henry Fonda)
  3. Triple Threat (Great American Music Hall)
  4. Ghetto Queen (Great American Music Hall)
  5. Fiyo on The Bayou (Great American Music Hall)
  6. W (w/Joe Satriani & DJ Logic) (Henry Fonda)
  7. Ed & Molly (Great American Music Hall)
Disc Two:
  1. Eye of The Storm(Henry Fonda)
  2. Below Radar(Great American Music Hall)
  3. LA Woman(w/ Robby Krieger) (Henry Fonda)
  4. Losing it(Great American)
  5. Sun Mar 11(Henry Fonda)
  6. Thanks(Henry Fonda)
  7. Lucky Man(Henry Fonda)


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