March 20, 2006

Jam in the Dam 2006 day 1: random notes

It felt pretty weird to realize that were no other Dutch people at the Jam in the Dam in De Melkweg, besides my best friend Triple-B, but then again - there's no such thing a jamband scene in the Netherlands. We ran into a guy form Slovenia, picked up some French, insulted a German foursome, shared a joke with an Englishman and made fun of the Americans (not you, Justin, you made some cool pix).

  • The Disco Biscuits played a solid set, bass player Marc Brownstein really shining on center stage (we shook hands after the gig, thanking him for making the trip to Holland).
  • The Duo were a big disappointment, starting of each song with a promising intro seguing into cumbersome noodling that went exactly nowhere. Did they sample the local delights in a big, big way before hitting the stage?
  • STS9 scored with dance oriented grooves.
  • Umphrey’s McGee ran into some technical snafu's and The Duo insisting on sitting in did not help. On the other hand: there were lots of memorable moments, craftmanship teaming up with inspired jamming. The songs of their latest album Safety in Numbers stood out - guitar players Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger exchanging licks with true confidence.

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