February 28, 2006

Particle: Take Five


Particle is back on the road with two new members:

Particle unveiled its new five-piece outfit on February 24 at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. The band now boasts Scott Metzger and Ben Combe on guitar and vocals, in addition to original members Eric Gould (bass), Steve Molitz (keys) and Darren Pujalet (drums).

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Review of this show, with lots of special guests, including Robby Krieger:

» Particle at the Henry Fonda Theatre review

The gig will be released on DVD:

The band shot a DVD at The Fonda in Hollywood for release this summer via Shout! Factory, alongside special guests Joe Satriani, Robbie Krieger, Blackalicious, and DJ Logic. Particle also debuted fresh songs including “Give,” which opened the show and reinvented Particle originals such as “Triple Threat” and “Simulator.” They also dove into each of the respective new guitar player’s catalogues and debuted Combe’s “The Sweeper” and “Losing It,” as well as Metzger’s “Smile” and “It’s So Hard (Believe Me).” The show also featured a stunning encore of Metzger and Combe reinterpreting The Verve’s “Lucky Man” before finishing off with an all-star laden version of “Superstition.”

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