November 22, 2005

Trey Anastasio 2005 live torrents: 11/15 Philadelphia (FM)

Trey Anastasio

This is the complete unedited radio broadcast of the show.

Trey Anastasio
Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA, USA

88.5 WXPN FM broadcast > Rotel RX-855 > 1506a/89259 twisted pair IC > M-Audio Audiophile 2496 > WAV @ 16/44.1 via Sound Forge 6.0 > CDWAV > FLAC via FLAC 1.7.1

Hello Kevin - We got your e-mail about the recording of the Trey show and your plan to make it available. I'm Matt's boss; as far as I can say, keeping Matt's intro on it is fine, if you're going to make this available to "the community" there's no problem at all, assuming if you are correct, that Trey's camp doesn't have any problems with it..


bruce warren assistant general manager for programming

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