September 08, 2005

Phish: Big Cypress podcasts


Live Music Blog strikes again. First part of the fabled Millenium Eve extravaganza at Big Cypress. Check it out:

I’m extremely excited about this week’s podcast. Jamcasts #013 through #027 will be all of Phish’s Millenium New Year’s Eve festival at Big Cypress in Florida.

Honestly, this is Phish at its finest. Please enjoy the show today, and keep coming back for the rest of 2005 for the Big Cypress podcasts! You won’t want to stop listening to it…
December 30, 1999
Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation
Set One (partial)

00:00 | Intro
02:35 | Water in the Sky
06:36 | Light Up or Leave Me Alone >
16:40 | Suzie Greenburg
24:22 | Corrine Corrina
28:40 | Limb by Limb
43:58 | Che Hun Ta Mo*
47:49 | Big Alligator Song
Total running time: 51:50

Jamcast #013 (71.1 MB) [XML]
Hosted by: Justin, Editor
192kbps (right-click link to download)

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