September 10, 2005

Frank Zappa: VPRO Documentary 1970

Nice DVD of a Dutch documentary.

Frank Zappa
VPRO Documentary
Originally Broadcasted in 1971

I got this DVD after having to sift through a dozen trades. Video & Audio is near perfect. The Documentary centers around Zappa at home, and on Tour. The amazing thing is that Zappa allowed a guy with a camera to film the band at the Fillmore West w/ Flo and Eddie. There are times when the camera man seems to be on the stage. The performance is recorded from only one camera angle. There are only 4-5 songs presented here.....and Zappa referring to the Fillmore West as the ‘Psychedelic Dungeon’ is priceless………..It is a great piece of history.. I am sure someone will know what show this video is from. ........Peace

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