September 10, 2005

Big Star: new album In Space

Nobody expeced a new Big Star album, but here we are. From the Rykodisc press release:

In 1975, after making three albums that would influence generations to follow, Big Star broke up after a brief career.

In the ensuing years, their legend grew as fans traded copies of their hard-to-find recordings. #1 Record and Radio City were eventually officially re-released, and a wider audience fell in love with these magical recordings.

In 1990, Rykodisc simultaneously released three classic Big Star albums (Third/Sister Lovers, Live and Chris Bell: I Am The Cosmos) sparking a tremendous amount of coverage and a resurgence of interest in the band.

In the wake of all this, the unthinkable happened when the band agreed to reform (with Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow of the Posies as new members) for a one-off show at Columbia University in Missouri.

Alex Chilton surprised everyone (including the band) when he announced from a London stage that he intended to make a new Big Star record.

That Album Is Finally Here! The Legend Continues - In Space

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