July 03, 2005

The Who at Live 8 torrents

The Who
Live 8
Hyde Park, London, UK

  1. Intro
  2. Who Are You
  3. Won't Get Fooled Again

FM radio broadcast from auntie Beeb.

Lineage: FM (Sony STRDB1070) > Creative SBLive! > Creative Recorder > Nero Wave Editor > Flac Frontend FLAC 8 Aligned CD sector boundaries

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Pro shot DVD (PAL) from auntie Beeb.

Lineage: DVB Digital Satellite TV -> PC DVB Card -> HD (MPEG-2 TS)
Video: 720x576i 16:9 PAL MPEG-2, 3.8Mbps avg, 6.5Mbps peak (original broadcast bitstream)
Audio: 256kbps/48KHz MPEG-1, Layer II (original broadcast bitstream)

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