May 24, 2005

Cream 2005 live torrents: 05/03 London

Full recording of the second night of the reunion run.

Royal Albert Hall, London, England

Taped by Andy Balcam, recorded from the choir section
Recording : SP-BMC-12 Binaural Microphones > Sharp MD-MT170 Minidisc Recorder (using TDK Studio 74 discs)
Transfer : Sony MDS-JE520 Minidisc player > Pioneer PDR-555RW stand-alone CD Recorder > TDK CDR's
Conversion : EAC version 0.9beta4 (Secure mode, offests corrected) > Hard Drive > FLAC Frontend, level 5

This recording isn't entirely immune of faults - there is a brief drop-out in I'm So Glad, some digi-static before We're Going Wrong and Rollin' And Tumblin' unfortunately cuts in a few seconds after the start; no doubt there are other flaws I haven't yet noted. Sonically, it captures Eric's guitar and all vocals very well, though Ginger's drumkit does not have the cymbals captured very well & Jack's bass is reduced to a disant, woolly rumble.
It is, however, the only FULL recording of the 3rd May show so far & full marks to Andy B for capturing it!

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