May 16, 2005

Cream 2005 live torrents: 05/02 London

First night of the Cream 2005 reunion run:

Royal Albert Hall, London, England

The Taper Tratty was in the P circle, up high on the side & over the stage but behind the main speakers.

Rec Minidisc recorder Sony MZ-NH700 set on sp2 (unknown Mic) - Hard Disk - Cdr - EAC Secure Mode - Flac level 8

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And the second night:

"Return Of The Kings"
Royal Albert Hall, London, England

AUD > ? unknown recording device > CDR(x) (from bootleg seller, could be CDR (M))) > audio extraction software, EAC? > WAV > flac

Note: This show was purchased off of a bootlegger outside of the Royal Albert Hall following the May 6th 2005 Cream concert. The source is INCOMPLETE because the seller chose to put the show onto only 1 CD resulting in the omission of 4 songs.
Liberated by: Audiophil

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