December 10, 2004

Boring boring boring

John Cale

Why I did not enjoy Cale's performance at the Paradiso in Amsterdam last night:

  1. Deantoni Parks - bored me to death with his noodling with brushes and adjusting his laptop thingy. He got a clean sound alright, with no feeling at all.
  2. Mark Deffenbaugh - who compensated for the bar closing down during the show with an awful lot of bottleneck. But the banjo was a nice touch.
  3. John Cale - who smiled a lot, but did not concentrate IMO. If you change the lyrics to Mercenaries, stick to Teheran, who cares about Moscow popping up.
  4. The volume - tiny and tinny. Why was that? Did not want to blow up the weblink or what?

Cale got a standing ovation from those who were seated - the more hardcore fans who were standing at the back of the hall were taken by surprise. I have attended dozens of Cale shows, but this one ranks high in my top 10 of the truly disappointing ones.

The webcast will be available thought the archives on Monday:

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