October 13, 2004

Jams from Heaven

June 16 was a special evening in New York. The usual suspects turned up for a great show with the grey guitar wizard Yosi Piamenta.

Yosi Piamenta has been called the "Hasidic Hendrix" by the press, and has been a part of the live music scene, in and around NYC for many years. While the comparison to Jimi is probably unfair, Yosi is an amazing guitar player in his own right. Piamenta infuses lyrics drawn from sacred and liturgical Hebrew texts, seamlessly creating a dreamy fusion of rock, jazz, and Middle Eastern Jewish & Arabic music.
With only three hours to practice, the Heavenly Jams Band (a reference to the spirituality of both Yosi and Oteil) managed to throw together a set of rock classics and Piamenta standards. The crowd of about 150, or so at the Crash Mansion, were a colorful New York group of religious Jews, Dead Heads, and die hard Allman Brothers fans.

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