September 10, 2004

Neil Young: the "We Gonna Get You!" master tape

Back in 1973, before DAT, FLAC, SHN and other words written in capital letters, Joe Ray from the Kenai River, Alaska, brought his taping gear to the show and was almost caught by Mr. Shakey himself:

This IS the "We Gonna Get You" master tape! As Joe Ray recalls it; "After Neil's comment to get me ('the guy with the microphone'), I held the microphone where it could not be seen until 'The Loner' (uncomplete), when I turned the deck off. I was sitting in the 5th row center and the roadies were looking for me from the side of the stage. The pressure was on me,... if I would have been caught I would have been arrested, etc.,... so, I just stopped taping. I put the expensive AKG D-1000-E microphone in my boot. I lost the $40.00 Sony Portable Cassette Deck and the Microphone Cord by saved the microphone and the tape. I became much more stealthy when recording shows after this incident!"

» Listen to what he got

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