September 11, 2004

John Cale: "The Onion" interview

John Cale

John Cale is interviewed in The Onion:

Something weird happened with this score I was doing. I finished the score, I handed it in, and the director said, "We need a song for the end titles." I wasn't prepared for it, but I thought, "All right, here's a chance to see how long it actually takes. I'll do a time-and-motion study. So if Spielberg comes to me someday and says 'Here's a section of a film, I need a song about this, can you do it?,' I'll know." I took this little film and pulled a cue out of it and restructured the cue so it fit some phrases, and then I wrote this song called "Wilderness Approaching." That turned into a three-day event. Three hours a day. Very simple song. I put the keyboards down, I put the voice down, and then I put on the backup vocals. I learned something from that. I realized that this would be a five-day event if I wanted to put an orchestra or whatever else on there. Once I realized I could move that fast, it really gave me a kick in the pants. After that, I organized my days around going to the gym, basically. I worked from 10 to 2, every day. And I got a lot of work done in a short period of time.

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