July 03, 2024

The Armoires: Here Comes The Song

Californian power pop band The Armoires go for a strings-driven baroque mood on their new single Here Comes The Song. The track is about a songwriter losing control about the contents and meaning of the lyrics. It gets a life on its own, with the musicians not exactly sure that they are happy about that, but not being able to grab the steering wheel and force it to another destination.

Pretty ambitious to try to capture this Faustian concept within the time frame of a little less than four minutes, but there is no real art without taking risks. It is another taste from their forthcoming new album, Octoberland, due for release in the Fall.

The Armoires:
Christina Bulbenko: vocals, keyboards
Rex Broome: vocals, guitar
Larysa Bulbenko: vocals, viola, first violin, second violin
Clifford Ulrich: bass, backing vocals
John Borack: drums Guest:
Jared Jenkins: cello

Here Comes The Song is released via Big Stir Records.

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