July 08, 2024

Florida: Metal Detector

Rock band Florida try to sound big on a shoestring budget on their Metal Detector album, a collection of songs about the rapid changes that are occurring in their surroundings and dealing with loss in the band's inner circle. There is a lot of misery beneath the carefully manicured and polished surface that is usually associated with the Sunshine State.

Keeping it tight but loose in both the slower songs (Sure Enough, Countyy Line) and the faster ones (Decap, Looking To Find), they have hit the ground running. By wearing both joy and grief as badges of honour, Florida are rocking out with swagger and precision.

Florida: Metal Detector

Metal Detector is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Lens Makes Ruin
  2. Decap
  3. Drifted
  4. Sure Enough
  5. Looking To Find
  6. County Line
  7. More Into Me
  8. Away From The City
  9. Heavy Heart

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