June 08, 2024

The World of Dust: 13 Holy Nights

Between December 24, 2023 and January 6, 2024 Dutch avant-folk musician Stefan Breuer shared 13 brand new tracks on social media by his lo-fi The World of Dust project, documenting a kind of spiritual quest. It was only a matter of time for this endeavour would get a proper release. All the tracks 13 Holy Nights were based on his dreams, so basically anything goes in his lyrics. He runs into a conductor and a cat when wanders around in Art School, with a choir singing Eels songs, and he goes back to his first tries at recording with a Tascam 388, which is the same machine he used again for this album.

Breuer also creates collages and that modus operandi spilt over his music: lo-fi, multi-layered and full of surprises. The twists and turns of his experiments with an Ensoniq sampler enabled him to find both old and new sounds as he tried to find the words and music for his search for serenity. He succeeded to capture the fleeting memories of what his brain was up to when he was asleep. It is a highly personal journey, during which Breuer bares his soul for all the world to see.

13 Holy Nights is released via Tiny Room Records (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Wild Boars
  2. Amputation
  3. Christmas Eve
  4. Tascam 388
  5. Sad Detective
  6. Art School
  7. A Stove
  8. Twelve Grapes
  9. Two Faces
  10. Trunajaya
  11. Ball Game
  12. Vines
  13. Last Act

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