June 14, 2024

Mint Biscuit: Hot Moon

Welsh guitarist Richard Thomas is looking forward with Hot Moon, the latest album his Mint Biscuit project. Grief is still part of the equation - the death of his father pops up in quite a few tracks, albeit indirectly. If anything he is showing a renewed appreciation for the little things, like the footwear of his wife (Laces Of Your Shoe) or paying visits to his family (Stompington Meadows, a place that will ring a bell with Pink Floyd fans).

It looks that Thomas has found his bearings again and it shows in the energy that is a vital ingredient of his bluesy rockers (You Just Want To Give Me Your Germs) and psychedelic pop excursions like Mealworms and Summer Song, a track that references both later day Floyd and Dylan's All Along The Watchtower in a deviant show of joy. O, and there's Tulips, which mentions this blog resident genius. That is a first for sure.

Hot Moon is a celebration of nature and the people he holds most dear. Brutally honest and endearing as well, and it proves that recording on a shoestring budget can lead to intimacy and urgency, two vital ingredients that are missing on most records that cost a shitload of money to make.

Mint Biscuit: Hot Moon

Hot Moon is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Hot Moon
  2. Nine Twenty-Four
  3. Laces Of Your Shoe
  4. The Gardener
  5. Grassland Blues
  6. Can't Remember Why
  7. Had A Gutful
  8. Mealworms
  9. Tulips
  10. Half-Baked
  11. You Just Want To Give Me Your Germs
  12. Stompington Meadows
  13. Summer Song
  14. Spanish Brown Cow Blues
  15. Slow Roller
  16. Toadstool Blues
  17. Wavy Evening
  18. Blue Light Smiles
  19. Somebody Lyrics Confusion

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