June 21, 2024

Bruce Moody: PopCycle

Bruce Moody

Power pop multi-instrumentalist Bruce Moody went through stacks of reel-to-reel recordings from the 80s after finishing his home studio to find out if there was anything he could use for a new album. It turned he had captured plenty of good ideas back then, some of them mere sketches and some of them almost finished. He reached out to his like-minded fellow musicians and ended up with a dozen of shiny, sunny-side up sounding songs plus a fun novelty track called Houdini.

PopCycle is all about the melody, with ace harmonies riding the wave of joyous pop, mixing the Beach Boys approach with New Wave and a bit of Cheap Trick. Age is just a number, and this album could easily be mistaken for a bunch of twenty-somethings rocking out and having a ball. Emotional baggage shows does show up in the lyrics (Keep It Together, A Very Dull Girl), but it is all taken in stride. Pop it in the player of your car, roll down the windows, and keep an eye on the speedometer - otherwise you will be doing 80 in a residential zone and be frowned upon by the law.

Bruce Moody: lead and harmony vocals, guitars, bass, drums, organ, moog, synthesizer, oboe, hammond organ, sitar, keyboards, steel drums, etc
Terry Carolan: electric guitar, vocals
Jeff Tracy: 12 string electric guitar, sitar
George Palmer: piano, organ
Kei Sato: Rickenbacker 6 string electric guitar
Dolph Chaney: electric guitar
Richard Morant: guitar, harmonies
Rick Poss: banjo, marching bass drum
Rick Richards: drums, percussion
Dennis 'Doc' Watson: ragtime piano
Patti Moody: harmonies

Bruce Moody: Pop Cycle

Hot Moon is released via Shaken Not Stirred Records. Buy it (CD, digital) from his website.

  1. I'm Gonna Tell Her Tonite
  2. Shy Girls
  3. Little By Little
  4. The Wall of Poison
  5. Labels
  6. It's Not Like Mine
  7. A Very Dull Girl
  8. Turn Away
  9. I Can't Hurt For The World
  10. Keep It Together
  11. One By One
  12. Creepy People
  13. Houdini (bonus track)

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