May 11, 2024

Well Tempered Madness: Well Tempered Madness

Walk into a bar in Las Vegas that advertises live music and chances are that the entertainment consists of a couple of musicians going through the emotions playing standards on auto-pilot. Dig a little deeper and you might run into to a band like Well Tempered Madness, a sextet led by guitarist and composer Stephen Fansler playing originals.

Their self-titled debut is a full-course meal of jazz, fusion and blues, played with gusto. All band members can hand over a lengthy resume, having chalked up decades worth of expertise. It must have been liberating to play something fresh and new. The material is pretty slick, but there is ample room for all involved to deviate a bit to make their mark. This is music that people will actually listen to, instead of drowning their grief, lamenting their losses at the slot machines and craps tables in Sin City.

Well Tempered Madness:
Stephen Fansler: guitar and vocals
Uli Geissendoerfer: piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond, and synths
Tom Bolton: drums
Mike Merritt: bass
Jose "Pepe"Jimenez: percussion
Jeanette Jurado: vocals on #2 and #5

Well Tempered Madness: Well Tempered Madness

Well Tempered Madness is released via Vegas Records (CD, USB, digital).

  2. FOMO
  3. El Viaje A Casa
  4. Line Change
  5. Everything Changes
  6. No Sticks
  7. The Chase
  8. Psycho


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