May 18, 2024

Tigerblind: It's All Gonna Happen To You


Cameron McCrary is among the countless hopefuls, recording lo-fi psych pop songs on a shoestring budget. That is a niche filled with musicians with half-baked ideas, using lack of "proper" recording equipment as an excuse to bore (or annoy) listeners with self-indulgent tunes about their uneventful life. Thankfully, the Dallas based singer-songwriter is not one of them. He is blessed with a knack for nifty melodies plus a sense of humour.

A couple of albums in with his Tigerblind project, he knows which side his bread is buttered. His new collection is called It's All Gonna Happen To You, a grab bag of well-executed pop acoustic guitar driven tracks, seasoned with a muffled, yet effective backbeat. When life throws him a curve ball, he catches it, busts a couple of moves to wow the onlookers, and plugs in to turn it into a song. Imagine Syd Barrett having a nice of cup of tea with Elliot Smith and Nick Frater, discussing New Wave and garage rock.

 Tigerblind: It's All Gonna Happen To You

It's All Gonna Happen To You is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Crashed Ur Car
  2. Take The Money
  3. Fall For No Reason
  4. Hold You Tight
  5. Taken Your Good Advice
  6. Every Word Around Me Just Unravels
  7. You'd Cry
  8. Make It Long
  9. Awake and Miserable
  10. Not Quite Swallow Me


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