April 01, 2024

Is/Ought Gap: SUA

In the early Eighties post-punk band Is/Ought Gap built up quite a reputation in their hometown Athens, GA, playing high energy live show. Things came to an end pretty quickly, but in 2014 they returned to play at the Art Rocks festival. They also self-released EP Lucky 7. All the tracks from that collector's item can be found on the new SUA album, plus a wealth of unreleased material, and a couple of live cuts - with a cover of the New York Dolls' Personality Crisis as a sure fire crowd pleaser.

It is a ramshackle ride and at times it sounds as if the wheels might come off at any moment, but somehow the band manages to keep together, plus their tongue-in-cheek humour is quite endearing. Voices is actually a trippy instrumental, and the crush they have on Miss Meyers is a bittersweet tribute to teenage angst and lust rolled into one. Is/Ought Gap are back to have some fun. If anything, their enthousiasm is quite contagious.

Is/Ought Gap: SUA

SUA will be released on vinyl via Happy Happy Birthday to Me records. The deluxe version includes a t-shirt, screen-printed postcards, and 1″ button. Release date: April 5.

  1. Artsy Peace and Love
  2. Wake Up Wet
  3. Her Peace
  4. Lucky 7
  5. He Said
  6. Mad
  7. Voices
  8. It'll Never Be the Same Again
  9. Meaningless Irregular
  10. Miss Meyers
  11. Grey Coat
  12. SUA (live)
  13. Artsy Peace and Love (live)
  14. Personality Crisis (live)
  15. Feeling Called Love (live)

Live date:
  • 04/12 Athens, GA @ Nowhere Bar (w/ Asymptomatics)

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