April 09, 2024

Hannah Marcus: The Hannah Marcus Years - 1993-2004

Singer-songwriter Hannah Marcus achieved cult status in the Nineties with a slew of soul-searching albums, bridging the gap between Maria McKee and Throwing Muses. The new collection The Hannah Marcus Years: 1993-2004 cherry picks the best stuff from her five studio albums, plus a handful of surprisingly good sounding demos. She is an old-school storyteller, who can cram the contents of a short story within the space of a few minutes. Marcus i highly respected among her fellow musicians for her way words and instantly recognizable guitar tone - she worked with Joe Goldring, Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters), Michael Belfer (Tuxedomon) and the members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. This album will likely set off a reappraisal of her output. Some of it is still in print, so tracking down the original albums won't be that difficult.

Nowadays Marcus explores scent-inflected sound performances, but fans of her music will eagerly await her mixed media song cycle about 19th Century chemistry, vitalism and the advent of synthetic scent, wherein she will make her return as a recording artist. If that ain't enough, a second collection of previously unreleased material, Ten Bones from a Virgin Graveyard, recorded at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal, will hit the shops in the Summer.

The Hannah Marcus Years: 1993-2004 is released via Bar/None Records (vinyl, cassette, digital). Release date: October 14.

  1. Demerol
  2. Invisible Bird
  3. Vampire Snowman
  4. St. Jude
  5. Coconut Cream Pie
  6. Weeds and Lilies
  7. Watching the Warriors
  8. Ariel
  9. Osiris in Pieces
  10. Darling How Are You
  11. Hairdresser in Taos
  12. Laos
  13. Stripdarts
  14. Beloved
  15. Blue Daisy (Hotel)

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