January 17, 2024

Jackie Rae Daniels: Stay A While

Saint Paul based singer, guitarist and violin player Jackie Rae Daniels is on the fence between Americana and strings driven orchestral pop on her Stay A While album. Her voice can be soothing, but make no mistake: there is a toughness in there as well. Also: she does not shun from throwing in a few harsh dissonants in Like You Say to yank listeners out of their comfortable slumber. As a whole this is record about tension and release, with the latter sometimes taking its sweet time to make an appearance.

Daniels' music is a much needed shot in the arm into genres that are not exactly known for taking chances. With songs like the defiant upbeat Mind Slips and the multi-layered, melancholic vocals clashing with strings in the country-esque title track Stay A While she shows that an out-of-the-box approach can pay off in spades.

Stay A While is a self-released album. Buy it from her website.

  1. Canyon Mind
  2. In The Past
  3. Like You Say
  4. Mind Slips
  5. Wind Blows Stale
  6. Stay A While
  7. To Be
  8. What I Got (Fishing Song)
  9. Moon Song

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