September 16, 2023

The Cyrkle: We Thought We Could Fly b/w Red Rubber Ball

How about a blast from the past? Fifty years American pop band The Cyrkle got noticed by Beatles manager Brian Epstein and scored two sunny side up hits, Red Rubber Ball and Turn-Down Day. Shortly after that the band broke up and the members pursued careers outside music. Fast forward to 2014 when keyboard player Mike Losekamp started playing those songs as a member of The Gas Pump Jockeys. The audience loved it and it laid the groundwork for a sort of band revival, a daunting task indeed.

The new single We Thought We Could Fly is a worthy send-off for their original singer Tom Dawes who died in 2007. When you are young ,the world is your oyster, and only in hindsight they came to realize that reality and life in general gets in the way. The B-side is a reimagined version of Red Rubber Ball. Somewhere in alternate universe 1968 is just about to happen, and the current line-up longs to travel there someday, now that they are retired and can return to their first love: being a member of a kick-ass melodic pop group, wearing matching outfits.

The Cyrkle:
Don Dannemann: vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion
Mike Losekamp: vocals, keyboards
Pat McLoughlin: vocals, guitar
Don White: guitar, vocals
Dean Kastran: bass, vocals
Scott Langley: drums, percussion, vocals
Tom Dawes: vocals on "We Thought We Could Fly"
Mike Shoaf: bass on "Red Rubber Ball"

We Thought We Could Fly b/w Red Rubber Ball is released via Big Stir Records.


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