August 25, 2023

Western West: City by the Sea

Avant-noise quartet Western West mix up genres at will on their City by the Sea album. Shards of Ray Manzarek organ (provided he was playing with one hand tied to his back), Henry Rollins-alike spoken word, seemingly random progressive percussion, a xylophone on steroids, Zappa-esque jazz musings plus a whole lot more, are striving for domination.

There is no clear winner amongst this cornucopia of sounds, except the listener who has no choice but to surrender to this free-flowing mayhem. It is progressive, it is weird, but first and foremost is a statement to create a sonic experience where the old adage of "l'art pour l'art" still rings true. The only boundaries that these four musicians have set themselves is that there are no boundaries.

Western West:
James Call: organ, theremin, spoken word
Jeff Mattsson: guitar
Marcelo Radulovich: hurdy gurdy, vocals, bass, synths, percussion, melodica, xylophone
Bill Ray: drums

City by the Sea is released on Titicacaman Records.

  1. Patricians and Beauticians
  2. Tattoo and Fixture
  3. Carajillo
  4. City by the Sea

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