August 02, 2023

The Vapour Trails: On A Beautiful Day

Scottish jangle psych-pop band The Vapour Trails sing about having a nice time in the past, present and future on their new On A Beautiful Day EP. With the three-part harmonies riding on top of the music they invoke the joy of a glorious Summer day.

In their niche guitars reign supreme and fellow musicians will surely enjoy the delicate interplay on I Looked Into Your Eyes and Next Life. This EP is a crash course for ace melodies, taking cues from the evolvement of power pop since the late 60s, channeling the Byrds, Big Star and a bit of the Smiths thrown in for good measure.

The Vapour Trails:
Kevin Robertson: vocals, rhythm guitar
Scott Robertson: vocals, lead guitar, bass
Nicholas Mackie: vocals, rhythm guitar
Andy Crossan: bass
Kenny Munro: drums

On A Beautiful Day is a self-released EP (UK, Europe). Buy it (CD, digital) from their website. US buyers can get it from Futureman Records.

  1. On A Beautiful Day
  2. I Looked Into Your Eyes
  3. Next Life
  4. Reminisce

Live dates:
  • 08/04 Glasgow @ The Old Hairdressers
    (w/ The Cheese, Dropkick)
  • 08/11 Aberdeen @ The Blue Lamp
    (w/ Dropkick)

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1 comment:

  1. In the general style of Teenage Fanclub. I liked tracks 2 and 3 very much. One of those releases that seems to speak to me lyrically. Needed to listen to this, this morning. Very good.