August 14, 2023

The Slow Clock: Interpretative Dancing

Dutch singer and guitarist Harmen Kuiper is back with a new album by his one-man band The Slow Clock Interpretative Dancing, a collection of songs about everyday troubles, like feeling feeling self-conscious and a little bit lost (Fire Up The Barbecue) or navigating the minefield of using the right words so nobody gets insulted (Lost In Autocorrect). It is an album for introverts, who like No Ninja Am I, Jonathan Richman and Elliot Smith.

Kuiper invited scriptwriter, actress and musician Amarins Romkema to help him out with the vocals. It worked like a charm - she adds colour to his distanced vocal delivery. Her solo spot is a tongue-in-cheek song for the holiday season, the appropriately titled Christmas In A Bottle. It is a time of the year where either loneliness or the foresight of an awkward diner drives many people to drink deep. And that might lead to free-from moves that can be accompanied by the rumbling bass of the title track with a bit of Pixies-inspired guitar as the icing on the cake.

Interpretative Dancing is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Gogogogogogogogogogogogogo
  2. Christmas In A Bottle (feat. Amarins)
  3. Meditations On A Hobby Horse
  4. Fire Up The Barbecue (feat. Amarins)
  5. Middle Of The Road
  6. Stumble Mapless
  7. I've Got A System (feat. Amarins)
  8. Interpretative Dancing
  9. Up All Night
  10. The Musical Mind
  11. Lost In Autocorrect
  12. Maintain Momentum (feat. Amarins)
  13. A Shared Sense Of Reality
  14. Auf Wiedersehen (feat. Amarins)

» The Slow Clock on Bandcamp

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