March 04, 2022

The Slow Clock: The Origin of Air Quotes

Singer and guitarist Harmen Kuiper was found hurt and bleeding in Amsterdam last Spring and was rushed to hospital. He woke up with a headache from Hell and for some reason also a bunch of melodies that he managed to capture on his phone. He revived his one-man outlet The Slow Clock for a new album, The Origin of Air Quotes, to share what he heard that night. It is a collection of catchy, off-kilter guitar songs He reinvents as a man who is hunting down an unnamed adversary in This Is Not A Good Time, comes clean about Janet Jackson, his high school crush, in Win some win some more, and goes for low budget Pixies-alike noise rock in Romanticized in Hindsight.

The title track, The Origin of Air Quotes, cuts to the chase by calling that phenomenon as an excuse to tell lies. He saved the best for last. Sky High is a pastoral song with multi-layered vocals about a man who hopes to escape from his troubles by making a trip in a hot air balloon. And for less than two minutes his dreams are fulfilled, with the journey living up to his expectations.

The Origin of Air Quotes is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. ...It's Where We Begin
  2. This Is Not A Good Time
  3. Inappropriately So
  4. Monumental
  5. Cutting A Zero
  6. Dervish Whirling
  7. For You
  8. Win some win some more
  9. Romanticized in Hindsight
  10. A Grown Man, Crying
  11. Whistling Random Melodies
  12. The Origin of Air Quotes
  13. Like Another Leopard (featuring Amarins)
  14. Sky High

» The Slow Clock on Bandcamp

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