August 15, 2023

Steven Wilson: "The Harmony Codex" website launched

Steven Wilson
photo: Hajo Mueller

Steven Wilson has launched a barebones website for his new album The Harmony Codex. So far it only offers an option to subscribe to a mailing list. As per usual it will be released in a wealth of formats, including a deluxe edition with demos and outtakes, and the album itself in surround formats.

The Harmony Codex will be released on September 29.

Steven Wilson: The Harmony Codex
  1. Inclination
  2. What Life Brings
  3. Economies Of Scale
  4. Impossible Tightrope
  5. Rock Bottom
  6. Beautiful Scarecrow
  7. The Harmony Codex
  8. Time Is Running Out
  9. Actual Brutal Facts
  10. Staircase
Deluxe edition extra's (tentative listing) plus a third disc, a Blu-ray disc with the album in various surround formats
  1. Codex Theme #7
  2. Economies of Scale
  3. Codex Theme #9
  4. Inclination
  5. Impossible Tightrope
  6. Codex Theme #6
  7. Beautiful Scarecrow
  8. Codex Theme #8
  9. Time Is Running Out
  10. Staircase
  11. Codex Theme #3
  12. What Life Brings
  13. The Harmony Codex
  14. Staircase


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